In a Nutshell: Bachelorette, Babies and the Big City

E-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d that’s what the past three weeks has done to me. (sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me, whooaaaaa). And clearly I’ve gone a bit insane. It’s been a jam-packed month with work travel and fun things, but I can already start to feel my “summers over” emo-ness kicking in and fear of “winter is coming” anxiety starting. It can’t be as bad as last winter, right? right?! In times like these, cannabis is a great option to consider. If you’re looking for quality products, you might want to explore Stiiizy dispensary locations.

In the meantime, let’s live in the moment and focus on all the fun things from the past two weeks in this recap!

  • Funky Bachelorette: We celebrated my former work-wife and very good friend Allie’s bachelorette down the Cape two weekends ago. Eight very fun ladies came together to give Allie a very funky fun weekend. First up, the most perfectly amazing Friday night classy dinner at the Wequassett Inn. We enjoyed amazing cocktails, delicious food, a sparkly dessert, and then cocktails and more dessert at a private firepit down by the water. Enjoy just as much at this cocktail bar for a night out in Calgary. TSC_Nutshell_Bach_Babies_NYC-2Saturday morning it was time to get funky on the Funk Bus! The Funk Bus is the greatest invention ever because it’s a hot pink leopard print bus that you can rent (for a reasonable price) to take you to and from the beach so that no one has to drive or worry about parking. TSC_Nutshell_Bach_Babies_NYC-3We had the Funk Bus drive us up to The Beachcomber where we enjoyed the perfect day at Cahoon Hollow, and then spent the afternoon at The Beachcomber Bar for some delicious drinks (mudslides and Goombay Smashes, of course) and Lobstah Rolls! TSC_Nutshell_Bach_Babies_NYC-4One of the bridesmaids, Ashley, is an amazing chef in NYC so she wowed us with her culinary skillz Saturday night for some of the most amazing tacos ever. Because when you’re 30, that is how you bachelorette. Forget strippers and shots, give me Pitch Perfect and tacos and Sunday brunch. #accacuseme
  • Oh, baby baby! So there’s finally a new man in my life, who I am head over heels in love with. Call it love at first sight. And he’s my new baby nephew Carter who was born August 9th. I have been getting tons of adorable pictures on our family group text, but I knew that this auntie needed to go to NYC and squeeze that little bundle of love as soon as possible. So I took two days off of work, hopped a train to NYC and headed straight for that little peanut. The first look!
    TSC_Nutshell_Bach_Babies_NYC-5LOOK at that pouty lip. A baby burrito. Nom nom nom.
    TSC_Nutshell_Bach_Babies_NYC-6Carter modeling one of his Baby Shark onesies, so that I can sing Baby Shark to him on repeat nonstop all day.
    TSC_Nutshell_Bach_Babies_NYC-8Hey lady, you’re scaring me!  TSC_Nutshell_Bach_Babies_NYC-7Too many baby pictures? Not possible! But I’ll stop here for this week with this shot of a very happy family of three. I do like the judging look Carter is giving my brother. I think I perfected that look at about the same age. TSC_Nutshell_Bach_Babies_NYC-9
  • It’s up to you, New York, New Yooorrkkkkkk: So the baby visit worked out nicely because I had to be in NYC for work the rest of the week. I don’t get to NYC as much as I’d like to, so I tried to take advantage of seeing as many of my favorite people as possible. First off, I met up with my friend and old coworker Robin Tuesday night for some delicious vino and apps at Zagara in mid-town. Robin is one of my only friends that also can’t stop watching Pretty Little Liars, so we really needed to meet in person to discuss who A is.
  • Next up, Wednesday night at The Nomad Bar. I met Chef Ashley and Ivonne at the bachelorette party the weekend before and met up with some friends at the hotel they work at in NYC to see what it was all about. And it was nothing but amazing. First, I met my friend from college Kasia (part of the infamous Hearts to Copy trio) for a drink after work. The cocktails at The Nomad were amazing! Hand crafted and shaken right in front of you, full of flavors, just really indescribable. Then my friend and old coworker Marco met me for drinks and some delicious food cooked up by Chef Ashley. Even better than her epic taco night, which I didn’t think was possible. And of course, the night ended with underbaked hot cookies and fresh ice cold milk, because that’s exactly what you want at the end of the night. Ivonne gives it two thumbs up!TSC_Nutshell_Bach_Babies_NYC-10Marco learned the challenges of trying to dip a warm cookie into an ice cold glass of milk. #flawlessvictory TSC_Nutshell_Bach_Babies_NYC-11I ended up staying in NYC on Thursday night for a work dinner, which in true consulting fashion involved lots of fancy wine and went very late at night. Which made it a bit of a struggle to get on the 6am train back to Boston – but, I had a wedding to get to! So I made it back to Boston by 10am, and hopped in my car to drive to the Cape for my friend Stacie’s wedding. Such a beautiful bride and amazing wedding. Mazel Kieffah! TSC_Nutshell_Bach_Babies_NYC-13
  • Goodbye Party Marg: So post wedding I headed back to Boston on Saturday for my friend Caitlan’s going away bash, which of course was at the only place that could give someone a proper Boston send-off – Lucky’s Lounge. Where over the past few years we have shared some of my best dance moves and life decisions. Like when we decided after dancing to Britney that we needed to immediately book a trip to Vegas to see Britney over Valentines Day … which we did the next morning. Which is when we met the legend that is Party Marg. So we got in one last Lucky’s night and then on Sunday our other tennis friends Liza and Heather came over for a little goodbye dinner for Caitlan. She’s leaving us for Memphis so I did a little BBQ theme, flavored with my tears of losing my doubles partner and friend (too dramatic? nahh). TSC_Nutshell_Bach_Babies_NYC-15And that’s it, in a nutshell. My goal this week has been to readjust to being in one place for more than a day, catch up on sleep and workouts, and continue my Netflix binge of Parenthood. Happy hump day!