2021 Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

Holiday Gift Guide For Him

We’re five days away from Christmas, but there is still time for some last minute gifts for the guys in your life. Most of the gifts below are a little more on the self-care front, but sometimes you just need to help the men in your life realize that $1 shampoo isn’t going to cut it anymore. Happy shopping!

  1. Star Wars Corkcicle Tumbler: This is one of my favorite Corkcicle collections. I’ve gotten my dad the Darth Vader set and my brother the R2D2 tumbler. The new Marvel series is very cool too. And if you went an actual football college like my sister-in-law (roll tide!) the collegiate tumbler collection is great for the football fanatic in your life. As of 12/20 Corkcicle was still offering free 2 day shipping with orders over $100.
  2. Jack Black Skincare Set: While some people in my family might pride themselves off their Dove bar scope and $1 Suave shampoo, I’ve started gifting Jack Black skincare products to encourage a little better self care. The sunscreen is fantastic for the golf-loving retiree in your life, and the lip balms and hand creams are perfect for the colder winter weather.
  3. Bruush: You know you’re past 30 when you start getting excited about a toothbrush, but this is the best electric toothbrush I’ve ever used. It comes in manly colors too (though my favorite color is in fact black). It comes with a sleek travel case and a charger – though a full charge lasts for almost a month.
  4. Theragun: This is definitely a bit of a splurge but such a nice gift to give a little at-home relief for sore muscles. Some of our muscles might just be sore from sitting working from home at a desk all day, but either way the Theragun is such a convenient way to get a little relief at home.
  5. Brooklinen Super Plush Towels: These are THE BEST towels you will ever purchase. They usually do some promotions, so look for a code online. The super plush ones are my favorite – and I usually buy the bath sheets which are generously spacious so you can wrap yourself up in pure plush comfort after a shower.
  6. Hatch Restore: This is a great purchase for anyone who wants to wake up a little more gently, which is especially harder in the winter when the days are so much shorter. I personally like to wake up to a Fuji sunrise with Tibetan bells instead of Boston Police lights and the sounds of the garbage truck.
  7. Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings Desk Calendar: My brother got me the book version of this a few years ago but now they have an amazing desk calendar with daily tips on how to appear smart in meetings. This has come in handy a lot when working from home, with solid advice like “randomly alternate between agreeing and disagreeing” and say “let’s circle back on that.”