The Salted Cookie

White Chocolate Peppermint Blondies

It’s officially December, which means it’s officially socially acceptable to eat cookies with every single meal until we all make our Jan 1 resolutions to workout and burn off all those cookies. If you’re feeling stressed out about the holidays, I don’t think you’re alone. With Thanksgiving being the latest possible date this year, it feels like we’re rushing straight into the Christmas holidays – decorating, baking, and even Mother Nature trying to force this mini snowstorm in today. I’ve taken advantage of the cold weather and everyone else traveling this weekend to get a head start on my holiday decorating and baking. This is the fifth year I’ve hosted The Salted Cookie Holiday Cookie Swap, where friends and friends of friends all get matched to send and receive one recipe. This is our biggest year yet with almost 30 participants. Originally I was going to make a version of my peppermint sprinkle cookies and whip up some peppermint frosting to make mini oreo-like sandwich cookies. I might still make those later this month, but I needed something that was going to hold up better in the mail, so I adapted my Salted Candy Bar Blondies recipe to peppermint it up for the holidays.