2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Last Minute Gift Ideas

So we are officially one week away from Christmas, which means if you’re reading this than you are likely still shopping for a few last minute gifts to finish checking everyone off your list. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite gifts for stocking stuffers, secret Santas, or yankee swaps. From sugary treats, to sassy drinkwear and lots for the bread-lovers in our life, there’s something for everyone on your list in this gift guide.

Sugarfina Cocktail Kit:   I also had this on my holiday gift guide for the traveler, but this is my favorite Yankee Swap gift to give. They have lots of kits from bloody marys to champagne cocktails and moscow mules. All you need is to add the booze. In our work yankee swap last year, since all of us flew to work every week, two of us got the same kit and it was one of the highly swapped items. If you don’t leave near a Sugarfina store, you can buy this off Amazon, or I usually see them in the Paper Source as well. 

What do you Meme?: A similar sarcastic flavor for those who love Cards Against Humanity, this is one of those gifts that you’ll want the receiver to open so you can start playing it together. A few years ago I introduced Cards Against Humanity for some family Christmas Eve fun, so I’m looking forward to bringing this home this year. 

Sugarfina Candy Bento Boxes: For the past few years, this was what I shipped out to all of my coworkers for the holidays. They have so many delicious candy flavors with the cutest packaging. They usually run a lot of good deals around the holidays as well. I get this as a gift for people for holidays, birthdays, promotions, Tuesdays or whenever someone could use a sugar pick-me-up. There’s a Sugarfina boutique in the Prudential Center in Boston, so if I’m buying for a lot of people I will buy in-store and then ship myself, since the shipping at Sugarfina can be a bit pricey. You can usually find these candy cubes at Nordstrom as well. 

Mistaken Lyrics Coasters: This was my go-to gift a few years ago, and I still love to give them. I discovered them at a card store on the Cape and spend a good 20 minutes laughing out loud reading them all. They have tons of different categories like 90s, rock, Pop divas and more with mistaken lyrics like “hold me closer Tony Danza” and “Sweet dreams are made of cheese, who am I to disagree?”

Toasters Coasters: This was actually part of my gift to my work secret Santa this year. So much pressure being new to the team, I wanted to get something original. And since we work in the land of bread, and everyone can use a coaster, these Toaster Coasters were the perfect gift and even came in a super cute bread bag packaging. 

Marble Cheese Board: Everyone loves cheese. Well, unless they are lactose intolerant. I love Crate and Barrel for affordable classy gifts. I’ve given the cheese board and cheese knife set as a gift more times than I can remember. So this holiday themed tree-shaped cheeseboard is both classy and functional, as well as festive. 

Edoughable: This is the gift I love to give when I want to send something that lasts longer than flowers, but is a little bit more than just a box of candy. This is eggless edible cookie dough. Yes, indulge  your cookie dough cravings, without risking salmonella. They always are running great promotions, they ship pretty quickly, and they usually have holiday flavors as well. They have both vegan and gluten-free options, so there is something for everyone. 

Panera Gift Card: The gift that keeps on giving. Everyone loves Panera. From Mac & Cheese, to tomato soup to the kitchen sink cookie, there is something for everyone at Panera Bread. Plus, have you checked out their mobile app lately? The fastest, easiest and best looking app to get your bread cravings satisfied. Plus, you can load the gift card directly to your account on the app. And if you’re new to Panera and sign up in December, you get a free bagel a day for the rest of the month! 

Bevvie Cup and Saucer: I love this so much. Anthropologie still has the Rose cup in stock, but I’ve seen one for champagne, Gin and Prosecco too. The Prosecco cup has my friend Jenn’s name all over it. Around the holidays, we all wish our coffee was a glass of wine instead – so now you can have it both ways. Fill that cup up and look extra classy sipping some Prosecco on your way to your morning meetings. 

It’s Too Early For You To Say Things Mug: I LOVE all things Emily McDowell. I still feel some fangirl pride since I have been a long time fan of hers. This was the first mug that I got of hers, and even got insta-hand-model-famous-for-five-seconds when Betches reposted my hand holding this cup. Anyway, she has a fantastic collection of sarcastic mugs, greeting cards, tote bags, magnets and more. This was my first and favorite cup to get, and I love gifting it to my equally as sassy and sarcastic friends.