2020 Holiday Gift Guide: For Her


This year is super weird and stressful, but buying gifts this holiday season shouldn’t be. I’ve rounded up some of my gift ideas for the lady in your life (which might be you!).

Brumate TumblersThis is my go-to gift of the season. With all of the outdoor hanging out we have been (and should still be) doing, you need to be able to BYOB (bring your own beverage) wherever you go. Brumate has such a great colorful collection of different types of beverage holders from wine tumblers and rocks tumblers to beer can coolers and entire tumblers for wine. If you buy from Brumate.com you can create a custom gift set, which I’ve now done twice in the past month for my close friends who I know really enjoy multiple outdoor cocktails. 

Corksicle Coffee MugFor those Zoom meetings where you might need a chilled cocktail but it’s frowned upon to be drinking wine at 9am, this Corksicle Coffee Mug will keep your beverage chilled (or hot) all day long. Now, most people will probably appreciate this to keep their regular coffee piping hot for hours, but no judgement to your beverage of choice. This mug has helped fuel me through days of back-to-back Zoom calls with hot coffee. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

Free People Ottoman Tunic: This is my FAVORITE sweater. I have it in five colors. It’s amazing for a few reasons. It keeps you very warm and it covers your butt, which is extra nice these days when leggings are the only acceptable type of pants to be wearing. It also runs VERY large. So you can feel extra good about yourself ordering two sizes down. It’s also a great zoom top when you want to look professional, but also super cozy when 5pm hits and you migrate to the couch. 

The Sill PlantBrighten up every room of your house with a live plant in one of The Sill’s gorgeous planters. I’ve got three plants from The Sill so far and looking to add to my collection this winter. This has become my go-to gift since quarantine started. They arrive in great condition, they last forever, and they have such a great range of planters to choose from you can really brighten up any room in your house. They also have a popular plant subscription you can gift (or buy for yourself), which is truly the gift that keeps on giving. 

UGG Fleece Robe: The cozier the better this winter. This is one of the coziest robes that will keep you warm all winter, and looking fresh to death when you’re going down to get the mail. Because in these Covid times, it’s totally acceptable to be that weird neighbor who goes outside in slippers and a robe. I like this one also because the sleeves aren’t too long or bulky, so it doesn’t get in the way when I’m doing my hair or makeup in the morning.

UGG SlippersAnd to go along with your fleece robe, these UGG slippers are my favorite around the house slippers. They are comfortable and super cozy. Plus they don’t look like slippers so totally acceptable to go outside to get the mail in, or in my case, I wear them when I hang out with my across-the-hall-neighbors for weekend drinks. And hopefully when we all go back to an office one day, these will be acceptable footwear along with joggers.

Slip Eye Mask: This is one of those things that some people might want, but not pull the trigger on ordering for themself because of the price tag. Trust me, it’s worth it. It’s a super comfortable eye mask that also is kind to your skin, and we’ve got enough stress in our lives these days we need more sleep and less wrinkles. There’s a matching pillowcase if you want to get real fancy. 

Malicious Women Candles: These are THE BEST candles ever. They are sassy AF and smell great too. My mom first got me the boss lady candle, which has been gifted to some of the boss ladies in my consulting crew. It’s infused with hustle and caffeine, just like me. They have a variety of other sassy candles like “May the Bridges I Burn Light The Way” and all the Zodiac signs. My personal favorite, “Aries: Also Known as the B*tch Who Takes Charge.” That’s me alright. 

Act Like a Lady: If you are late to the podcast game like me, then start your Podcast journey with my new favorite: The Lady Gang. I LOVE listening to Becca, Jac + Keltie every Tuesday + Thursday, just tell it like it is on The Lady Gang. I’ve never found a podcast so relatable and I am often laughing out loud (under my mask) walking around Boston listening to it. Their book, Act Like a Lady, is an entire book of their advice. I downloaded the audio version to listen to as I walk, which feels like an extra long, hilarious podcast. 

How to Be Successful Without Hurting Men’s FeelingsNow, some men will not find this book funny. Actually almost none will. But it’s not for them. It’s my favorite gift to give to my up and coming boss lady proteges that gives some blunt ass advice on how to deal with being a bad ass boss lady these days. Spoiler alert: it ain’t easy. My other favorite related book to gift is 100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings: How to Get By Without Even Trying – perfect for any guy or girl in your life.

Dry Bar Brush: Now, I can’t say that I have a lot of great beauty tools and tricks to influence you with, but this Dry Bar brush I can say is definitely worth the price tag. With all the Zoom calls, I do still blow dry my hair in the morning to look decent from the waist up, and this dryer brush makes it easy to look semi-presentable before 9am. I like that I can basically dry my hair one handed and scroll Instagram at the same time, and don’t have to flat iron my hair after. 

Bombas SocksYou know you’re old when you get excited over socks. But Bombas are another everyday essential that is definitely worth the price tag. They are super durable and comfortable and last forever. Plus, you can feel good about buying socks from Bombas. Socks are the #1 most requested item in homeless shelters. That’s why when you buy a pair of comfortable Bombas, they donate an equally comfortable, specially designed pair to someone in need on your behalf. They have lots of great deals on gift sets if you buy direct from the Bombas website. 


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