Patriotic Strawberries

Sorry for the mini hiatus of posts, but The Salted Cookie has been here for the past several days and not moving for a while. Even the Salted Cookie needs a few days off.

Today though is a special day. It’s a big happy birthday to America, but more importantly happy birthday to my Mom. In preparation for everyone coming over this afternoon, we’ve been cooking and baking up a storm this morning. We saw this idea for patriotic strawberries in People Magazine this week, and figured it was easy and worth a try. They are gluten free, and take less than 15 minutes to make.


  • Whole strawberries (as many as you want, I used two containers)
  • White melting chocolate
  • Blue sugar

Step 1: Line a baking sheet with either parchment paper or aluminum foil sprayed with non-stick spray.

Step 2: Melt the melting chocolate in a pot over the stove on low heat. You can use white chocolate chips here if that’s all you have, just be very careful not to burn them. You can also microwave them to melt them stopping to stir every 30 seconds. We picked up these melting chips at Michael’s craft store.

Step 3: Dip the strawberries halfway into the melted chocolate.

Step 4: Dip half of the chocolate covered part of the strawberry in the blue sprinkles.

Put the strawberries on to a baking sheet to harden. If you aren’t serving them for a few hours stick them in the fridge. So far these have already been a big hit. Happy Fourth!