2020 Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

I don’t know about you, but the guys in my life are not the easiest to buy for. I can come up with a list a mile long for my mom, my sister and friends but my dad and brother are not the easiest to buy for, if I want to get more creative than scotch. (Insert my dad’s reaction: why would you want to get more creative than scotch?) I looked back at some old Father’s Day and Holiday gift guides and a few of these items are tried and true perennial gifts for the men in your life.

Brumate Beer Cooler: As you can tell from my other gift guides, I’m on a big outdoor drinking + BruMate kick this season. This is a really unique gift for the booze lover in your life, because they have a wide array of coolers and tumblers for any beer or cocktail. This beer cooler keeps cans of beer (or spiked seltzer) chilled for hours. They also have cocktail shakers, martini tumblers and more. 

Yeti Lowball Tumbler: One day I’ll pull the trigger on a Yeti cooler, until then I am more than happy to drink out of their tumblers. We got my parents the wine version of these for their anniversary this year (the more years married, the more outdoor drinking that happens). I am sure Skip doesn’t like drinking his scotch out of a wine tumbler, so these lowball tumblers are perfect for sipping a G&T or single malt, at the perfect temperature.    

Jack Black Skincare: So this was a stocking stuffer find a few years ago at Blue Mercury when I was trying to find something to round out my brothers gifts. I personally love the Jack Black lip balm to survive Boston winters, but they have a whole lineup of great men’s skincare products, including beard wash and beard lube, which I gifted my brother after a particularly hairy Movember. 

Game of Thrones Monopoly: If you buy nothing else off this gift guide, buy this Game of Thrones Monopoly. According to a recent Blackout Bingo review, it is one thousand times more fun and cuthroat than regular Monopoly. If you’re a GOT fan, you will be channeling your inner Jamie Lannister as you mercilessly slay your friends and family. My mom bought it this summer when the four of us were quarantined down the Cape and we probably played this over 20 times. My dad was so bad at it he would get eliminated in the first 15 minutes almost always. My sister is RUTHLESS. And my mom is queen of the iron throne. It comes with a GOT theme song music box that we annoyingly play every time a chance card is pulled. THE SHAWS SENDS THEIR REGARDS.

Sous Vide: So I’ve gifted this now to my brother and my dad. My dad refuses to use it because he says he is the best steak cook and doesn’t need a Sous Vide. I tried it a few times this summer to prove a point that it is in fact an amazing gadget, and is the secret to perfectly cooked steak. It works with an app on your phone, so you really cannot mess up cooking anything. 

Happy Socks: This is always my go-to stocking stuffer. Back when going to the office was a thing, I used to always get my brother a few fun pairs of happy socks. Now I just get to see my brother on Zoom work calls all week long, and not a happy sock in sight. Devastating. They do have super cute kids socks, so I’ve been outfitting my niece and nephew with happy socks, and try to get father + son matching socks when I can find them. 

Surgarfina Bourbon Candy:  Sugarfina candies are a great stocking stuffer for the guy in your life with a sweet tooth. They have a whole booze inflused line, including Aviation Gin gummies (Ryan Reynolds, swoon) and chocolate covered bourbon candies. 

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