In a Nutshell: Sweet Summertime


It’s been a while since my last In a Nutshell recap … almost five months have gone by (in what feels like the blink of an eye). But before I do a full recap of this summer, let me break down the past five months in a few key bullets in true consultant fashion. Since my last Nutshell post I’ve accomplished the following:

  • Posted 14 new recipes, 2 gift guides and 2 travel posts
  • Taken over 30 flights since April and spent over 120 nights in a hotel this year
  • Traveled (a few times) to North Carolina,  for the first time to Nashville, and went back to Portland, Oregon and Seattle
  • Captured countless sunrises from 30,000 feet and sunsets from the lake on Cape Cod
  • Celebrated my nephew’s first birthday
  • Decided to move to Raleigh, NC after spending the past 13 years in Boston
  • Listed my condo and sold it in 24 hours
  • Started a Boston Bucket List to see (and eat and drink) all of my favorite people and things before I say farewell to beantown
Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

Pumpkin Whoopie Pies with Dulce De Leche Filling

Tis the season … pumpkin spice season that is. It’s time to bust out the fall sweaters, boots, pick some apples and embrace all things pumpkin spice. My favorite fall...

Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Every good baker needs a go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe. This is mine and I’ll tell you why I’ve dubbed it “The Best of the Best.”  These are chock-full of...

Bluebery Galette-2

Blueberry Galette

Easy as pie. I’m not sure how that saying was ever created because if you’ve ever tried, baking a pie is NOT easy. But I have discovered the lazy-man’s...

Gluten Free Peach Pecan Cobbler-4

Gluten Free Peach Pecan Cobbler

Well heavens to Betsy and lord have mercy y’all, this cobbler is sweet as a peach. And gluten free to boot. I’ve got some big news with this recipe...

Blueberry Lemon Bars

Blueberry Lemon Bars

There’s nothing better than fresh fruit in the summertime. Especially baked into a sweet and crunchy dessert. I’m still on a big blueberry kick and one of my all-time favorite...

OXO Summer Fruit Trifle-6

Summer Berry Fruit Trifle Cups

I’m putting the sweet in summer with this super easy and delicious recipe for Summer Berry Fruit Trifle Cups that are perfect for any summer picnic. Ready to make...